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Basic Ideas of WordPress That We Should Know

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Basic Ideas About WordPress That We Should Know

Basic Ideas of WordPress That We Should Know

Basic Ideas of WordPress That We Should Know – First of all, word press is a famous website established in 2005 as a blogging website. In 2006, it became more popular than blogger.com because it offers more modern facilities and features than blogger.com which was introduced by Google in 2003. WordPress is open-source software and self-hosted. You have to buy a WordPress domain before giving it for AdSense review and starting earning money. Also, opening a WordPress account seems difficult to some users. It needs a minimum of 30 minutes to set up a WordPress account. The WordPress authority will show you every instruction which you need to follow while opening a WordPress account. 

Maintaining a WordPress website is easy because you don’t need to have any knowledge about coding. The website codes are already built up. Users can customize every single thing on their WordPress site.  No one can disable their WordPress account without their concern. Basically, a blogger website can be blocked any time by Google because they have that kind of permission to do it. 

Millions of business owners, bloggers, writers, entrepreneurs, and publishers use WordPress every day to maintain their online presence. Also, many courses are offered through the WordPress platform and many freelancing opportunities are also shown. You can post writing, design, photos, videos, and vivid information and ideas about your business plan. You are free to share anything on your website. Also, posting jobs and finding employees are also allowed in WordPress. WordPress makes it easy for you to manage your writings and content. You can use it to start a blog, make a small business website, create an online store, build a membership site, sell online courses, run a marketplace, and more. 

The basic things which users need to know about WordPress:

  1. How to open and set up a WordPress account?
  2.  What is the rule to publish posts in WordPress?
  3.  Can a user customize who can view his or her website?
  4.  Can I delete my website?
  5.  What should I write on my website?
  6.  Can I earn money using my own WordPress website?

10 steps to build a Website Using WordPress – Basic Ideas of WordPress That We Should Know

 Step 1: Define your site

 Step 2: Choose a domain name for your site

  Step 3: Hire a web host for your WordPress site

 Step 4: Install WordPress and set up

 Step 5: Choose a WordPress theme to continue

 Step 6: Configure your plugins and choose a payment plan to buy plugins

 Step 7: Complete your administrative pages and

 Step 8: Publish your content.

What is the rule to publish posts? Basic Ideas of WordPress That We Should Know

You are free to choose what you will post on your website because you are the owner and you can also select topics for others to write on your blog. You can also customize who can visit your website. Also, you can keep it open for all to view. For example, news portals, blog writing websites, informative sites, science, and technology-related blogs are mostly open for all to read and view. On the contrary, there are many websites directed by different companies and organizations that remain confidential. Only their staff have access to it either using a password or a passcode. Another example is our police helpline website which is open for the public to contact and write their complaints and ask for help but there are many confidential websites under Bangladesh Police that are used to save information like criminal history, case details, case reports, courts date, police officers data and much other security information. These sites are very important and confidential. Only selected persons have access to these websites. 

Deleting a WordPress website: Basic Ideas of WordPress That We Should Know

Running and customizing your WordPress website is completely in your hand. You can delete it and remove your WordPress account whenever you want. It’s completely up to you. In the account setting option, you will find a column named delete your website which is fully free.  No one can delete your WordPress website. Only you have the authority to do that. Compared to blooger.com, Google has the authority to block or remove any of the accounts if they think it is harmful and has a negative effect on people. Similarly, Facebook, YouTube have the authority to remove or block accounts without any notice. 

How can I organize my site? Basic Ideas of WordPress That We Should Know

You can customize your WordPress website. You can either choose a default theme for your site or create a new one. Remember that the theme should be connected to the purpose of your website. For instance, if it is an online business site, you should keep the theme focusing on your products, business idea, or business motive. Because a theme is used to represent a website. People have to know what information they will get from your website and they should understand it by viewing your theme. You can also set your profile in WordPress on your own. You can configure your plugin and select a payment plan to buy it. Also, you have the access to cancel your plugin plan anytime. The minimum duration of buying a plugin plan is one year. There are different packages with different facilities that they offer for WordPress plugin buyers. You can control the website’s administration features as well. 

Financial Benefited from WordPress website: Basic Ideas of WordPress That We Should Know

There is a common question among online or WordPress users: is it possible to earn money through my WordPress website? Yes. You can earn money from your website by placing ads. For that reason, you have to connect your site to Google AdSense. They will review your site and give you approval and then you can start earning money from your website. But before submitting it for AdSense review, you have to buy a plugin plan for your website. Then you will get the code of your site and can connect it to Google AdSense and start earning money. 

How can I Got My Payment? Basic Ideas of WordPress That We Should Know

It is another common question coming from the users that how can I take the money which I earned from my website? The answer is very simple. You will open a bank account, it can be either your personal or professional account. Then you have to just give details of your account to AdSense. After that, when a minimum amount of money will be earned by your website, you can directly transfer it to your bank account. Then you can withdraw the cash at your convenient time. 

Benefits of using WordPress: Basic Ideas of WordPress That We Should Know

  1. WordPress is very flexible and suitable for running complex sites
  2. WordPress has modern features and offers high security for your site.
  3. It has basic and premium plugin facilities and easily accessible themes which is huge in number. 
  4. WordPress website running does not need any technical experience or expertise. 
  5. WordPress is high in rank compared to other search engines. 

These are the basic ideas that you need to know about WordPress and its features. Thank you for reading my article with patience. Have a nice day.



Basic Ideas of WordPress That We Should Know

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