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Best WordPress Themes | Free Themes

Best Themes from ThemeForest

Best Themes WordPress Themes – ThemeForest is a well- known platform which sells premium WordPress themes. It sells website templates too. It has 12k+ unique WordPress themes available for users to buy. 

Here is a list of top best-selling themes of ThemeForest. I hope it will help you to choose your preferred theme. 

  • The7
  • Flatsome
  • BeTheme
  • Avada
  • Bridge
  • WoodMart
  • Porto
  • JNews
  • XStore
  • Minimog
  • Uncode
  • Enfold
  • Salient
  • Jupiter
  • The Gem
  • Impreza
  • Houzez
  • Hub
  • Masterstudy
  • Kalium
  1. The7 

The 7 is a multi-purpose website developing toolkit for WordPress. 

Yes, the 7 has demo websites and they can be installed in just 1 click. There are more than 40 options and you can choose layouts and demos to start your new website. Moreover, it has 1000+ theme options and more than 250-page options. 

The 7 earned 4.75 out of 5 in rating and made 208,408 sales according to October 2020. It is a WordPress development agency from Ukraine which earns positive reviews from both experts and customers. 

This theme is very flexible and it also offers a lot of features for customers. You can easily customize your site by using this theme without any knowledge of coding. It also offers Slider Revolution, ConvertPlug, Go Pricing Tables, Layer Slider and other features. 

You will love this theme because it is flexible, easily customizable and supports WooCommerce. It supports translation on more than 10 languages. Isn’t it awesome? 

It also offers design wizard and extra plugin options. You can easily set logo, header, footer and others through the help of a wizard. You can also install complete demo websites, pages, images and sides. It is also compatible with WPML.

Do you want to create multilingual websites? The 7 itself has 10 different languages that you can use in your contents. So, you can create multilingual websites with it. 

Highlighted Features of This Theme

  • It has multiple homepage layouts
  • 600 + fonts it offers to you and you can choose your preferred font among them
  • It also offers unlimited background options with limitless color combination
  • This theme also provides premium plugin opportunities

Installation and Setup

After buying this theme from ThemeForest, upload the zip files into WordPress and activate it. Follow these steps- go to the dashboard and then appear and click on themes. After that click on add new and upload the initial theme file from your computer. Now, you can activate the theme and use it for your site. 

There are separate areas for site appearance with the 7 Theme. They are- Social icons,

Contact information, Setup the header with its menus, Buttons, content area, images and sidebar. 

The 7: Homepage Layouts

There are certain homepage layouts available with this theme. But look at the site’s purpose as well. Whether it is a business site, parallax site, landing page, blog site, one-page website, online store or others. Because your homepage should represent what your site is about and what the audience will get to know from your site. That’s why maintaining site purpose is important to run a website. 

  1. Flatsome 

Flatsome is another top-rated theme offered by ThemeForest. It is responsive to WooCommerce.

Flatsome is the most- trusted WooCommerce theme for making projects. it is a trustworthy, best- selling and safe network to use. It achieved a 4.8 rating out of 5 in October 2020. It made 140,386 sales in 2020. 

It is a multi- purpose theme. This service is mainly developed by UX Themes. The goal of making this theme is to make site building easier for the customers. Trust me, you will be able to make stunning websites using this theme. 

Flatsome is a WooCommerce supported theme with a large library of supported elements that will help you to make your contents. It is an e- commerce supported WordPress theme with its own page builder facility which has 500+ templates and many styling options for products. It is an excellent theme for making e- commerce websites. It gives large priority to customers’ experience and their feedback. 

Installation Process

If you want to add a Flatsome theme to your WooCommerce store, first extract the zip files and upload them to your theme folder. This step is very simple. Just go to the dashboard and then appearance and then select themes. You will find the zip folder in your theme files. 

There is another option available in the main folder called flatsome child zip. This course of action is helpful when you want to change the CSS but your original customization should be retrained. 

Flatsome Theme Design

Design is one of the key aspects of creating an aesthetic, attractive and professional website. Well- designed websites can easily attract the audience. It has an integrated wireframe kit, UX creator and awesome parallax effects. You can create stunning websites with this theme and trust me, its color, icons, image size and blocks are awesome to design a beautiful website. 

You know, Flatsome works better with Cloudways. To activate Flatsome, go to dashboard, then click appearance, then go to Flatsome and click activate. Now, enter the code you got and your theme will be activated in a few seconds. Since this theme has a UX Builder, you can edit every element and view the changes live immediately.  

Speed Optimization

Flatsome has an awesome speed optimization and it also works and is accessible through mobile phones. If you want to run an online store, you should make it mobile- friendly. Because it will be helpful to increase your customer. In this case, using the Flatsome theme to create your online store, will be a good idea.  Also, it can adapt any type of screen size and becomes fit with them. 

Pricing and Plans

The regular Flatsome theme costs you $59. But for multiple sites and multiple customers, you will need to spend $2950 for this theme. 

Other Features of Flatsome Theme

  • You can view products with a quick view of the category pages
  • There is live search option available in this theme
  • You can catalog options to show products without prices to your customers
  • It also has quick zoom functionality and different filter options
  1. BeTheme 

BeTheme is another highly rated and popular theme offered by ThemeForest. It is created by MuffinGroup. It is one of the popular themes from ThemeForest. It has 500+ ready- made websites and lots of demo websites. Still, the developers are adding new demos based on their users’ requests. Currently, it is serving 185,000+ customers. You can easily import any demo website in just 1 click. 

Yes, it is a multi-purpose responsive WordPress theme which earned a 4.82 rating out of 5 in 2020 and made 209,920 sales.

 Niche of Creating Websites 

Betheme is a good choice for creating websites in the following niches, such as loan agency, interior design, art agency, health magazine, university official website, SEO agency, hotel, travel agency, real estate company, hosting business and others. 

How to Install Betheme  

For installing Betheme, just follow the regular theme installation process. First, go to WordPress dashboard and then appearance, after that click on themes and upload new theme to your site. 

After installing the theme, add the purchase code you got and your theme will become activated. After the registration has been done, you have to install required plugins. After the process is completed, you can create pages, upload articles, images and posts to your site. 

You can install demo content to speed up your site. You can also filter different categories for your site.  Additional plugins will be helpful to make your site work properly. After the import process is done, you will receive a notification. 

Now, you can customize the imported demo pages with your own contents. 

Additionally, the page builder has a front- and back-end editor. Front-end editor is helpful to add more elements to your page. On the other hand, a backend editor is needed to edit existing elements. 


  • Betheme has an awesome layout generator. It also has 4 types of grid layouts. They are- 1240px Boxed, 960px Boxed, 1240px Full Width and 960px Full Width. 
  • It has different headers, logos, footers and layout options.
  • You can create unlimited different pages under one website or domain with this theme.
  • This theme also has unlimited menus and you can choose different menus for different websites.
  • With this theme, you will get the facility to use a custom font uploader and choose the font according to your own. 
  • This theme has 22 types of diverse entry effects and they all are customizable.
  • It also has 12 predefined skins and 7 different header versions. They are- simple, modern, classic, stack: right, stack: left, stack: center and empty. 
  • This theme provides smooth and reliable parallax effect with one-page website creating opportunity and nice scroll effect
  • In addition, it includes 200+ Muffin Builder and short code items.
  • You can also create multilingual websites with this theme

It also offers numerous layouts and styles for creating different websites. It can be said that it is a perfect choice for creating personal, professional, media and other sort of websites. 


It is a fully customizable theme with an active admin panel. It is also an easily customizable theme. Their support system is open from Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm. But they don’t provide 24/7 support for their customers. But you need to register before you post your problems or queries to their help forum. Their office is in Europe and they usually respond to your queries within 24hours. 

Note that, they don’t reply to support and system related questions in the comment box. 

  1. Avada 

Do you want a faster and straightforward setup for your website? In this case, Avada is a good option for you. The good thing about this theme is that you can build a professional and attractive website without any knowledge of coding. You can create unlimited layouts and designs with this theme. The Avada theme is updated regularly and provides non- stop support to the users. 

Avada has been actively providing their service for more than 7 years. Initially, Avada is built according to PHP, WordPress and accessibility standards. 

The good thing about this theme is that you can make any kind of website by using this theme. This theme is offered by ThemeForest and it is very versatile. 

You will be definitely surprised to know that this theme is called the “Swiss army knife of WordPress themes”. It has 250 + readymade templates available and you can easily build your site by using tis theme. 

ThemeFusion is the creator of this awesome theme which earned 4.76 rating out of 5 and made 631,080 sales in 2020. 

Now, let’s look at the features of Avada.

  • Avada has editing tools and multi-purpose adaptable designs available which will help you to design your websites.
  • You can import designed demos by professionals in just one click with Avada.
  • This theme is always adjustable with the latest WordPress versions.
  • You can create customizable sites with this theme and it also supports SEO optimization and plugins.
  • It provides pixel perfect accuracy with 100% responsiveness and if you disagree, you can disable it.
  • Avada network offers Cross- Browser Compatibility and it supports different web browsers, for example Chrome, Safari, FireFox and others. Actually, cross – browser compatibility is the ability to support diverse applications, websites and web browsers individually.  
  • You can make 100% width templates on single pages using this theme. It also supports dual sidebars on single pages
  • This theme has option through which you can either enable or disable project description and details if you want
  • You can choose the size of images for every post and customize them according to your convenience
  • There are auto- generated thumbnails available in this theme.
  • You can customize the page and blog categories and also set up multiple blog pages in one site 
  1. Bridge 

Bridge is a creative theme developed by Qode a Power Elite should be included in this list because it is a highly preferable theme available in ThemeForest. 

Along with website designing, this theme will offer you lots of features to develop a suitable and attractive website. It also offers demos, premium plugin opportunities, prompt support and many more. 

Bridge is a creative WordPress theme under ThemeForest. It is a multi- purpose theme which received a 4.78 rating out of 5 in 2020. It made 147,928 sales in 2020. This theme is made by a highly professional team and it is very supportive to the customers. 

Do you want to create a personal blog or portfolio website? Are you an expert in freelancing? Then open your site using the Bridge theme. 

It contains 500+ unique demos. These demos are fully customizable and will make your life easier. Whether you want to open a pet shop, blog, online store or business website; you will find specific demo sites under the Bridge theme. It also has 24 layout concepts and a variety of shortcodes and wholly functional plugins.

You can use this Bridge theme while creating different websites for example, restaurant, health club, spa center, gym, photography, architecture, wedding shop, hotel, travel agency and others. 

Pros of Bridge Theme

  • It has features of premium plugins.
  • It also includes a wide number of theme settings and options.
  • It becomes an advanced theme with Qode custom plugin facility.
  • The price of this theme is affordable.

Cons of Bridge Theme

  • It contains a lot of options and often becomes complex for the beginners to use this theme.
  • There is no live preview option available for this theme.
  • It needs regular activation and updates to be done.

More Features

Support WooCommerce: Yes, Bridge theme supports WooCommerce that helps you to open online shops and buy and sell products. 

Auto Update: Bridge theme has an auto update system, so, you don’t need to update it manually. You can install Envato Toolkit and update your site easily. 

Interactive Elements: this theme also includes interactive elements like horizontal progress bars, icon progress bars, graph chart, animation and more! 

  1. WoodMart

WoodMart is a premium WordPress theme service from ThemeForest. It is mainly designed for creating any type of online store.

This theme uses Ajax technology and is capable of giving you a smooth and fast online shopping experience. If you create a shopping store using the WoodMart theme, you don’t need to refresh the pages often. 

It does not need lots of plugins to run an online store. It already includes features like compare, wishlist, built in slider, Ajax filter and others that will save you from buying around 10-20 extra plugins. 

Settings Panel 

This theme has a powerful settings panel and you can update the functions without any knowledge of coding. You will also get a graphical interface to make changes quickly. 

Page Speed and SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is really important to rank your site. It is a kind of coding which Google or other search engines understand and measures whether your content is structured in that way or not. WoodMart theme offers certain plugins to create SEO optimized contents. 

Yes, with WoodMart, you don’t need to face slow page speed anymore. It also offers awesome header designs with drag and drop header builder. It is also fully customizable because you can change font, color, header, footer and other settings as well. 

  1. Porto

If you are looking for a theme for your ecommerce store with multi-purpose facilities, then Porto could be a good choice. Porto is a suitable WordPress theme for WooCommerce and business sites. It is very fast and has exclusive skins and layouts with unlimited business features. There is a huge library of demo websites under Porto network. For any kind of website building, you can always search for a pre- made design that goes with your website idea or service. 

It is recommended to select ecommerce demo websites to create online shops. Then you will have full freedom to organize your site using customization options and tools of Porto. It will also be helpful to run a flexible business online. 

You should choose Porto if you are going to open a business or commercial website because this theme is specially designed for online business and to sell products. This theme also offers plenty of customization options to design your site with your own creativity. Moreover, it is not mandatory to know coding to design a site with Porto.  

Features of Porto Theme

  • You can select pre- made slideshow layouts with a Porto theme.
  • This theme also offers a master slider premium plugin opportunity.
  • You can also select custom widgets.
  • Porto is a mobile- friendly theme and it also has qualified retina displays.
  • It also has an extensive online documentation policy available.
  • You can create custom background images with mega menus with this theme.

You can buy the entire Porto theme with 6 months support only for $59. You can extend the date up to 12 months by adding more 17.70 U.S. dollars. 


The notable advantages of Porto theme are given below-

  1. It has a customizable control panel with wide options.
  2. It also supports high-quality drag and drop page- builder plugin.
  3. The price of this theme is affordable.
  4. It also provides excellent e-commerce support for your business websites.

Along with positive sides, this Porto theme also has some negative sides. Let’s look at them shortly.


  1. It does not provide that much support for WordPress users.
  2. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to run this theme because of lots of options.
  3. It frequently needs updates too. 
  1. JNews

JNews is another popular theme from ThemeForest. It is a perfect theme for creating news sites, editing sites, blog sites, magazines, online journals and others. It also provides more than 150 demo sites. 

Yes, creating a website with JNews is very easy. You can view the changes live after you are done with them and there is also an opportunity to create landing pages by using drag and drop header builder. It is integrated with WPBakery page elements and free versions of Elementor and Elementor Pro. Additionally, JNews supports Facebook Instant Article, Google Amp completely. Note that, JNews is a mobile- friendly theme and you will definitely get a high-speed website with less loading time with JNews. 

Moreover, this theme also supports different SEO tools which will help you to improve the SEO rating of your site. This theme is also responsive to Google AdSense, WooCommerce, Page Level Ads, Google AdSense and others. 

Advantages of JNews

  • This theme is capable of easy integration with Google Ads.
  • It also supports Anchor & Vignette Ads.
  • This theme is responsive for both Google ads and Image ads.
  • It has automatic theme update option available for the users, 
  1. XSTORE 

Do you want to create a professional website for your online shop? Then XStore can be a trustworthy partner for you. It will definitely make your e- commerce easy. It includes necessary tools, pages, options to create a fast and professional website. 

This theme is useful to create a responsive and user- friendly website. You don’t need to have any special knowledge for this. 

Features of XStore 

  • It offers free lifetime updates 
  • It also provides fast professional support to the users 
  • It also has cross browser compatibility
  • It also has well- organized and clean code bases 
  • It also includes child theme and WooCommerce templates 

XStore Theme Installation

Installation of XStore themes is very easy and there are two methods of doing it. you can either use FTP or WP Dashboard. Then you will be ready to start your website with this theme. 

This theme has a dark scheme too. You can customize the organization of your products using this theme. You can also provide feedback to the development team of this theme. For any kind of help, you can contact their support team anytime. 

  1. Minimog 

Minimog is a high-quality ecommerce WordPress theme. You can get more sales from your online store by using this theme. It also has 60+ demos, more than30 footer styles and more than 7 header styles. It also has premium features like sale countdown timer, product bundle, video gallery and others. Again, you can change the font, color, design and layouts of your shop according to your convenience. 

This theme also offers a WordPress auction plugin option for you. This theme is affordable too. It helps you to create a flexible and stylish mega menu for your customers. You can go and navigate your pages easily using this theme and multiple pages will be shown at a time. Moreover, this theme also supports blog ajax which reduces the problem of reloading pages every time from your site. It will save your time and besides, your customer won’t be disappointed to wait for loading the pages. This feature will also increase the rating and page quality of your website. 

Create a product bundle option and help customers to cart more products from your shopping site. For example, water bottle, school bag, pencil box, pen, eraser, notebook and others. You can also announce different packages to attract your customers. Minimog will help you in your approach because it supports the product bundle option fully. 

You can add images in this theme and add color, new layout, separate poll to engage your customer. Create different folders according to seasons. For example, in winter sweater, pullover, cap, hand gloves and others and shift them in a separate section in the homepage.  Add related images and titles so that customers can easily find them. Believe me, you will be able to do all these in just a few clicks using the Minimog theme. 

  1. Uncode 

Uncode is an innovative, modern and suitable WordPress theme for WooCommerce. Along with other themes, the sale of Uncode theme is continuously growing on ThemeForest. You can create websites related to marketing, blog, photography, startup, magazine, art, music and others.   It has free responsive templates and flexibility and an awesome speed record. Moreover, you can create fast and responsive websites no matter if you don’t have any knowledge of code. It provides a great service for freelancing industry and business sites. 

An awesome feature of this theme is that you can import 400+ section templates and then combine them to create an independent page. 

Frontend Features

  • This theme has unique skins of both dark and light
  • It also has privacy policy and GDPR 
  • It offers more than 16 layouts and 10 types of options for menu 
  • This theme also has options for content block to create sections, header and footer in your content 
  • This theme has option for side scroll and one-page scroll too
  • It also provides extensive typography option to its users 
  • It also provides HTML and CSS options to its users 

Other Features

This theme Uncode is mobile friendly and you don’t have to face any problem if you are operating your site through your mobile phone. You can easily operate any option and customize elements in your site from your mobile phone. This mobile responsiveness will help your site to rank on different search engines. Don’t worry. This theme mobile responsiveness is tested and all its demos are mobile friendly and completely organized. Moreover, the support team of Uncode theme is very responsive and I found many positive comments and responses on their official verified page. 

  1. Enfold 

Enfold is a well- known multi-purpose theme from ThemeForest which is helpful to create any kind of website based on any niche. This theme is very active for creating complex sites and professional blogs. To be honest, it is not a recommended theme to create simple and basic level websites. 

This theme will ensure you with great performance and you can customize your own site according to your requirement. You don’t need to bother about programming while using this theme. It is helpful to create attractive and professional websites. you can choose a demo design to start your site with an Enfold theme. 

Enfold has several demos for example, spa, restaurant, travel, book shop, photography and others. Also, if you want to open an e- commerce website, you can download the WooCommerce plugin for free and attach it to your Enfold shop demo. 

Inbuild page builder is another thing which will give you extra opportunity to design your website with Enfold. You can design your site no matter if you are not a professional designer. In this way, you can save the cost of hiring a professional designer and no external plugin you have to buy to design your site.  Moreover, you can customize page layout and content structure, tab, gallery, column, like button, call button, contact us button and build a creative and unique website. 

This theme also supports events, videos, URL, links, captions to deliver your message more appropriately and attract large number of audiences to visit your site. 

  1. Salient 

Salient is one of the best-selling themes on ThemeForest. It is a fast, organized, multipurpose and performance optimized theme. This theme has done more than 93k sales till now.  We can also include it in the list of mega themes. 

You know, the best thing about this theme is its customizable templates, demos and pages. This theme is ready to build your site quickly and very easy to use. Moreover, it takes regular updates and new features and designs are included often. Also, you don’t need to be an expert to create a professional looking website with a Salient theme. 


  • Salient theme has an exclusive collection of shape dividers and it will help you to make high quality designs for your website. You can customize the color, text size, writing position and others easily with this theme. 
  • Cascading image elements is another impressive feature of this theme. It will help to overlap images with ease and allow them to parallax too. 
  • This theme also supports Front- end and back- end page builder elements and you can create high quality pages with multiple options for your site with Salient. 
  • Again, in this theme multiple page transitions are available and it will definitely give you a smooth experience. Moreover, if you want, you can turn off this feature anytime. 
  • Salient is a mobile- friendly theme and it has advanced typography (font size, font style, Live font preview) and off canvas menu options available too. 
  1. Jupiter 

Jupiter is an ideal theme for WooCommerce and WordPress websites. this theme provides customers exclusive design options and utmost customization. You can build unique websites and online stores without any extra tool and plugin like Elementor Pro, WooCommerce Plugin and others.                                                                          

Jupiter theme is continuing their service for more than 10 years. It is a good website builder for trade, business, agency, online shop, creative blog and others. Also, it is a great platform for creative developers and designers to show their quality and proficiency. 

This theme is also able to catch the latest features and trends of WordPress. It is a customer supportive theme too. 

Note that this theme has several versions for example, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6, X2 and X. among them, X2 is the latest version of this theme. It is more upgraded, advanced and full of unique features too. It has 15000+ users and the developers achieved excellent and positive feedback from them. 


  • As Jupiter X is the new version of this theme. So, we are going to discuss some features of it. because other versions are comparatively old and backdated. 
  • It shows personalized product lists and specific custom pages for different products. 
  • This theme supports advanced checkout builders.
  • It also provides smart coupons and checkout notices.
  • Again, it has widgets from advanced product builders. 
  • It also has mega builders and supportive builders for header and footer. 
  • This service also provides additional builders for pop-up, magazine and form. 
  • Furthermore, it has portfolio and blog customizers too. 
  • Additionally, it has support for multi languages and RTL too. 
  • It takes auto updates and is very responsive towards users. 
  • It has features like auto save. For that reason, whatever changes you make through the admin panel or customized your site, it will be saved automatically. Therefore, if any technical problem occurs, you can restart your work where you stopped. 
  • More Info: Jupiter X theme has compatibility for Elementor, ElementorPro, WooCommerce up to version 6.1 and WordPress up to version 5.9. 
  1. The Gem 

The Gem is a new creation from Codex Themes of ThemeForest. Its most attractive feature is its demos which are perfectly styled and maintain high-quality. It has demos to create websites on different niches. Also, The Gem is a beautiful and functional theme. It ranks in 3rd position in the ThemeForest marketplace.  

Moreover, The Gem is a multifunctional theme and you will be able to create any type of website with maximum facilities using this theme. According to users, it provides that kind of quality service  as promised. 

Features of The Theme

  • This theme has beautiful designs and demos available to create different websites.
  • 70+ homemade design ideas are available within this theme. You can select import readymade designs from the collection using the admin panel section of your site. 
  • This theme mainly focuses on page loading speed and website performance. 
  • It has a large number of font icons available which is more than 2600. 

 Install The Gem Theme 

While installing this theme, don’t forget to install necessary plugins. Now, go to the admin panel and set up your site. You can also make required customization in your site from the same panel. 

Under the header section there are options to customize your page’s header, font, color, layout, size and others can be changed in just one or two clicks. Similarly, there are options for customizing your footer (ex. Color, layout, font, size) of your contents. But you can remove the header and footer from your site or for individual content too.  

The color section is an additional feature of this theme. You can actually change the color of every element present in your site using this theme.  

Moreover, activating or deactivating certain features and adding social icons and links is another good option for this theme. 

  1. Impreza 

Impreza is a well- organized and modern theme from ThemeForest. It is a popular theme with 16k+ sales. It has a user-friendly interface and lots of options for customization. It is quite easier to start designing your site with this theme because of demo contents.  Also, it is a premium quality theme that will help you to make your site unique and modern. 

This theme also supports Up Solution, Slider Revolution and WPBakery page builder service. It is mainly focused on customization facilities and you can easily create a professional and attractive website without any knowledge of coding. 

A shortcut way to design a site with Impreza theme is to set up demo contents in your site. Click the main menu or directly import demo contents from the demo import button.  You can also modify your selected design from the admin panel. to adjust your site, you can go to the theme option for necessary changes. 

From the layout option, you can choose design, color, font size, sidebar, length and width of your page. You can also use customized header, footer and drag and drop editor to your site. For the header background image, you can use parallax effects too. There are three types of parallax effects available with Impreza themes. 1. Vertical parallax 2. Horizontal parallax 3. Vertical reversed parallax.   

Impreza theme also provides opportunity to create customized widget area and add necessary elements to it. just click on the option widget area and then make convenient changes. Additionally, you can add premium plugins to your site without any extra charge using this theme. 

This theme also has a support forum and getting a question can take up to 36 hours to get an answer. Their support timing is Monday to Friday and there is no support available on Saturday and Sunday for weekends. 

I found, this theme receives a 5-star rating from many users. Let’s talk briefly about some other features of this theme. Another point I notice is its lifetime update opportunity that makes working with WordPress website easier. 

  1. Houzez 

Are you going to start an online business? Then you will definitely need a website. Choose a theme with multiple advantages to create your site. In this case, Houzez will be a good choice to maintain your site easily. It is a flexible and multi- purpose theme. 

It is basically a real estate-based theme from ThemeForest marketplace that will help you to create building, land and property connected online websites. This theme is very flexible and you don’t need to be an expert to create this theme. 

Apparently, you can create websites for under-construction and rental property with this theme. Also, it allows you to create websites based on other niches, for example deal, advertisement, broker shop, blog and others. But the ad and blog should be related to real estate business. You can also open a website to search for clients for your land and real estate business. With this theme, you can make sales, property listings and create maps, price lists and galleries of images too.

Moreover, 16 different demo designs are available in this theme. For example, IDX or MLX home finder and conversation real estate lead generation are two types of demons among them. The dashboard of this theme is also organized. It supports page builder functionalities too. Though the plugin is optional for this site. 

Additionally, there are several options available for templates, navigation, color, fonts, header and footer in the Houzez real- estate theme. An awesome feature of this theme is that your visitors can add lists of their own favorites in your site. Although, only registered members can see this column. In this way, as a website owner, you can find out which property is top rated and which area is most demandable among visitors. According to the demands, you can fix the property price too. 

  1. Hub

Hub is a high- performative and best- selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest. It has a vast collection of designs and a great website building opportunity. It also has more than 100 inner pages, nearly 700 templates and nearly 80 pre built websites. you can install sample demo and templates of Hub within a single click. You can combine the demos and templates too. It will cost you only $39 for lifetime package. 

It is a multipurpose theme that makes more than 4000 sales within a short time and its number of users is 4.96k. Power Elite Author Liquid Themes is the company who made this multi-functional theme.

Features of Hub Theme

  • It has one click installation opportunity
  • Also, no coding and design skill needed to run a site with Hub theme
  • This theme is very responsive with large template collection
  • It is a very fast and SEO friendly theme
  • It offers unlimited layouts with modern visual editor 

Considering other features, Hub has premium plugins, more than 700-page building elements, WooCommerce based theme, live theme customizer, demo websites and others. This theme provides first class support and high performance too. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

  1. Can I remove the copyright issue of Hub theme?

Yes, it is possible to remove the copyright claim from Hub theme.

  1. Does Hub theme provide support for both Elementor and WP Bakery Page Builder?

Yes! It provides support and shows compatibility for Elementor and WP page builder. 

  1. Can I change the demo page layouts of my site using the Hub theme?

Yes, you can re-organize the layout of your site and add or delete elements too.

  1. Are the premium plugins included with the Hub theme? Should I register for it?

Yes, the premium plugins are included with the Hub theme and you will be able to enjoy them after buying a package and you don’t need to separately register for it.

  1. Masterstudy 

Masterstudy is one of the recognized and popular LMS and education-based WordPress themes. It achieved positive reviews and feedback for the customers. This theme develops LMS plugin for courses and training through online. This Theme is very helpful to create high quality educational websites. 

One of the coolest features of this theme is its simple navigation and settings. It also has multiple sample designs and customizable demo websites and layouts to import. In this digital world, technology and online based learning becomes popular and comparatively easier to access, from, business point of view, this type of site also brings financial benefit for the site owner too. 


  • If you create a learning platform with Masterstudy, you will be able to enjoy features given below. 
  • Masterstudy has an advanced quizzing facility with a required course builder system. 
  • You can organize paid webinars and zoom meetings for students and trainees.
  • No extra fee or plugin required to open a site with Masterstudy. 
  • Also, you can control every aspect of your e- learning platform with this theme. 

Additionally, you can organize online classes, coaching centers, practice exams, language centers, training programs and more on your site. Moreover, teachers and students can create separate profiles using this theme. They can upload their research work, write about their field of interest, create a Wishlist, check webinars and rate courses too. 

Notice that this theme supports different payment methods through which you can pay required fees to join paid programs. You can also set free and non- paid education-based programs with this theme.  


Kalium is a faster and great theme from ThemeForest. It has exclusive features that will never disappoint you while designing your dream website! The sales rate and rating of this theme is really impressive. It is a visually good looking, updated and arranged theme. 

You can create websites on several niches using this theme. It is a perfect choice to open up sites on photography, travel, therapy, architecture, startup, marketing, hotel, gym, yoga, blog, portfolio and others. 

It is a super-fast and highly converting theme that supports multi languages too. With this theme, you can create a mega menu too. There are 4+ headers, more than 1000 font options are available with this theme. A good point of this theme is creating Wishlist and saving products and buy them later. 

This theme only needed $59 to purchase. It is highly customizable, responsive and contains high loading speed too. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kalium Theme 

The notable advantages and disadvantages of the Kalium theme are given below. 


  • This theme supports the latest WooCommerce version. 
  • It takes regular updates. 
  • It is mobile friendly and a SEO- optimized theme. 
  • It is a lighter theme and provides lifetime support.  
  • This theme also supports WPML and RTL services too. 
  • It provides dedicated support for customers and it is a trustworthy company. 

Disadvantages/ Cons 

  • Though this theme supports multiple languages, some translations are quite poor. 
  • It sometimes creates conflicts with WordPress updates. 
  • Being a lighter theme, it can’t take the complex settings and high-level elements. 

These are 20 most popular and well- known themes from ThemeForest marketplace. They provide trustworthy service and are not that expensive to purchase.

Remember some points, whenever you select a theme, choose one that suits your site and is responsive. It should be mobile friendly and SEO optimized too. 

Best- selling themes from Template Monster

Temple Monster is a well- known marketplace that sells different WordPress themes to create a site. These themes have lots of modern options and developed features. In this article, I am going to discuss the best-selling themes from the temple monster marketplace. 

List of best selling themes from Temple Monster. 

  • Poket
  • Monstroid2
  • Kurigram 
  • Keira
  • BuildWall
  • EasyJet 
  • Hazel
  • Simplar
  • It- Soft 
  • DataTech
  • Themex 
  • Bariplan
  • Constructlar
  • Merimag
  •  IT- Solve
  • Ingmar
  • DailySports
  • Iron Mass
  1. Poket

Poket is a modern multi-purpose theme with unique layouts. You can create an attractive and stunning website with Poket theme. It is a mobile friendly and responsive theme. It has different page types, layouts, post type, color, font, icon and others. Also, you can easily change the drag and drop section and content live part of your site. 

Poket is one of the largest themes in Temple Monster market place. This theme has the cross- browser support, well documentation and readymade code with an active theme support box. It also has 800+ styles and more than 95 widgets. This theme also provides 40+ categories and 100+ unique demos.  But you will need no coding knowledge to use this theme. Also, if you face any problem while creating your site, the poket team experts will help you to create your site. What you have to do is just send a message in the theme’s profile to inform them that you are facing a problem in creating your site and they will solve your problem within a short time. 

It is a suitable theme for creating websites related to business, technology, IT solution, software, SEO optimization, personal blog, government, startup, finance, web agency, cyber security, data solution and others. 

Why Choose Poket Theme

You should choose the Poket theme because it will help you to build your website and run your business successfully online. It has many customs elements and other tools that will definitely help you to create a stunning website. 

This theme also supports the latest software version and updates their service regularly. It provides qualified support and it is easy to read documentation with this theme. 

Other Features

  • This theme has a one- click demo importer and you can easily import demo contents in your site with just a single click!
  • This theme is very responsive and mobile friendly too. 
  • This theme is well documented and you will also get a video tutorial on how to set up your site using this theme. 
  • This theme uses a strong framework and it is very easy to customize your site with this theme. 
  • Every week, the theme developer adds at least two new demos and they also offer lifetime access for their customers with no extra costs. 
  • This theme includes lots of widgets like creative tab, list, video, audio, text, Google map, grid and more. 
  • Poket is a child theme compatible theme. 
  • This theme supports all the browsers like Opera, Chrome, IE10, IE11, Safari, Firefox, Edge and others. 
  • It has unlimited page layout with 26+ diverse header style and 20+ footer style.
  • This theme is SEO friendly and contains 500+ Google fonts. 
  • This theme supports the latest version of WordPress.
  • It is a flexible theme and provides reliable support for the customers. 
  1. Monstroid2

Monstroid2 is a multipurpose theme which will assure you smooth, fast and flexible performance on the web. It has 500+ ready page templates too. All the page templates are ready to be customized.  It contains 10 individual post layouts and 50-page layouts too. 

This theme is very easy to use and you don’t need any skill to edit your site with Monstroid2. You can customize both the pages and individual sections of your site. This multifunctional theme has lots of demos and each of them is stylish and engaging. 

It supports Elemenor drag and drop page builder and you can change, edit, add or replace any section with it. The design of this theme is quite flexible and it won’t take much time to customize your site. It has an organized documentation and the support team will answer your questions within a short time. 

The modern technology of this theme will help you to build a SEO optimized and multifunctional website. Also, you can add the product description, call to action, contact button, price and other details on your site easily. It has many layouts and options that will assist you to showcase your product. 

After purchasing the Monstroid2 theme, you will get enough elements to customize your page. You can change a few sections or the entire site with the functional tools of it. For example, it has a flexible header and builder tool, live mode, portfolio widget, mega menu, video section, image box and so on.  

Dashboard Settings

You will find various tabs in the theme dashboard. There is license tab which will look after your license and the plugin tab will manage the plugin installations. In the settings tab, you can check the plugin compatibility. It also keeps automatic backup before upgrading to the latest version. The user guide tab will look after the social media settings, links and documentation. 

Also, if you are facing any problem to set up your site, you can contact the team and don’t hesitate to take help from them regarding technical issues if you have any. 

  1. Kurigram 

Kurigram is a multipurpose theme specially designed for business websites. It is a perfect choice for business, portfolio, marketing and creative sites. You can build a professional and stunning website using this theme without any knowledge of coding.

The reasons you should choose this theme is because it has a large number of customization tools and supports the latest software version. Also, it supports Elementor Page Builder and make your work quite easy. Moreover, this theme is very responsive and mobile friendly. 

Furthermore, it has unlimited color, header, footer, font customization options and offers lifetime update facility. This theme is SEO friendly too. 

  1. Keira 

Keira is another creative WordPress theme from Temple Monster marketplace. It is quite simple to use and framed on Elementor Page Builder. It is a good theme for portfolio, personal website, agency and others. This theme carries a simple look but powerful features for you. You can create unlimited pages using widgets and theme options. 

This theme has 3 versions available right now. They are- light, dark and blue. Luckily, you don’t need to be a technical expert to use this theme. 


  • In keira theme, you can import the demo content to your site in just a click.
  • It is a beginner friendly theme and SEO supportive too. 
  • This theme is 100% responsive and well documented.
  • It offers new trendy designs and smooth scrolling experience. 
  1. BuildWall

Are you looking for a good theme to build your con straction company website? Then Buildwall can be a preferable choice for you. It has various attractive templates and eleven unique skins to construct your site. this theme can be a solid base to run your construction business online. 

This theme also provides high loading speed and default images and icons. It is a SEO supportive theme with a lot of available features. It is very easy and flexible to edit and customize your site with the BuildWall theme. There are variety of blocks available to attract your customers. 

It has a mega menu to display all your pages. It also has a subscription field for the customer to receive a newsletter. Clients can place their reviews in a separate block. It also has Google map lock for locations and price list block to display price. Furthermore, it has a contact form and attractive post organizer which will help your audience to find their desired service. 

Besides the promotion of your service, you can create an online store with WooCommerce plugin support and sell your equipment too. Isn’t it wise? Because it will save a huge amount of sell costs. Also, you will be able to keep touch with your customers and showcase your updated and future services. 

This theme has 3 different types of layouts: masonry, grid and listing. You can switch among them easily and customize your header, footer, color, sections too. 

Additionally, while developing your site, you don’t need any technical skill or coding knowledge to use this theme. Also, there is detailed documentation to answer all your questions and if you face any problem while installing the theme or setting your site, just send a message to the technical theme and they will look after your problem.


EasyJet is a multipurpose business-related WordPress theme. It offers minimalist design and is suitable for starting a consulting company. It will take your business to a new level with its sophisticated design. 

Note that, consulting companies are launched recently in the market. But the competition has already started. Because this business becomes popular and profitable within a short time. 

Whether you want to make your business successful, you have to develop a high-quality site. try to make your resource informative, effective and interesting to grab the audience’s attention. It will also help you to increase the popularity of your company and to grow your business as well. It has a blog module through which you can share the latest industry news. 


  • This theme has a convenient mega menu. 
  • It has adaptability and clean code. 
  • You can customize the pages and change your site’s design. 
  • This theme is mobile friendly and it will help you to increase your site’s reach. Anyone can log in to your site and view your service through mobile. 
  • It contains high speed and supports multiple browsers.
  • This theme also provides options for certain actions like sign up for a meeting, leave a message or application, place an order and others. 

For creating a business website, you will need certain pages called Home page, About us, Contact us, Service and others. These are the minimum page requirements for a business website. You can create additional pages to protect and develop your site.  

Actually, your success depends on what viewers see on your site and how they feel about it. Whether they take it positively or not. so, clean text, organized documentation and quick response can be helpful to develop your business. The appropriate presentation of your service will be helpful in your business growth. 

7. Hazel

Hazel is an advanced, clean and minimal WordPress theme full of active premium plugins. It holds WooCommerce design integration, 100+ Google fonts, typography, custom page options and others. You can customize your site from the admin where you will get many options to set up your site. it also carries lots of layouts, mega menu and page builder elements.  For building new sections or pages, you can use page builder modules from Hazel theme. 


  • It takes frequent updates to keep thigs updated. 
  • It braces Google map integration. 
  • It also supports video from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud to import.
  • It has 100+ page builder elements.
  • This theme also includes multiple widgets and full screen support. 
  • It has advanced typography and provides excellent customer service too. 
  • It comes across 16 demos and more than 320 sliders. 
  • This theme is SEO optimized, 100% responsive and retina ready.

8. Simplar  

Simplar is a minimal WordPress theme designed for all kinds of businesses. It carries modern style and color. But it does not contain unnecessary demo pages and most likely its name, this theme is very simple to use. You don’t need any coding knowledge to edit your site with Simplar. With this theme. You will pay only for your need. 

Moreover, this theme will provide you fast support and effective service. Thus, you will be able to create a professional website with less effort.  

How to Install the Theme

After finishing the payment, you will be given the zip file and you have to install and set up the provided plugins and the demo contents respectively. You can import preferable demo parts either content, design, home page and all of them together as well. 

The demo import tool lets you import the part of the demo that you like, you can import just content, or just settings and style or just home page or all together. You can customize the whole site by the option live customizer. 


  • This theme has automatic smart drop down menus. 
  • It also has a mega menu and modern layouts.
  • It carries an Ajax WooCommerce cart in the main menu. 
  • It also includes a news ticker and social icon in the top menu.
  • You can create a post slider, product list, review, icons and product grid while developing your site. 
  • You can also add post quotations, category of products, video playlists and others. 
  • You can include an image box, recent comment list and contact info to your site too. 

9. It- Soft 

It Soft is a responsive, clean and modern WordPress theme designed for It solutions. It is very easy to customize and modify your site with this theme. It has 25+ ready homepages and 30+ pre- built inner pages. You don’t need any coding knowledge to customize your site with Its Soft theme. You can build a software company, cyber security, startup, technological site, IT business, finance, digital agency and others with this theme.  

It supports all browsers and works for all devices. This theme is built with a good quality of coding. This theme is very customer supportive. It has two versions. 

  • King Composer Version 
  • Elementor Version.


  • It- Soft theme has 20+ unique demos to create websites.
  • It supports both Drag & Drop Elementor Page Builder & Drag & Drop KingComposer Page Builder Version. 
  • It is 100% responsive to all types of devices. 
  • It includes modern and unique designs with 10+ footer styles. 
  • This theme is SEO- friendly and fully customizable. 
  • It carries 500+ Google fonts and offers logo and button customization for your site. 
  • It also has video tutorials and online documentation for the customers. 
  • This theme is very flexible with easy page building opportunities. 
  • Moreover, no coding knowledge needed for creating your site with It- Soft theme. 

10. DataTech

DataTech is a multifunctional WordPress theme designed for data science and artificial intelligence. It also includes data analytics, machine learning, predictive analysis, IOT and Big Data related projects.  

It is a creative, innovative and modern technology-based theme that carries different types of demo contents as well. 


  • This theme supports the latest version of Bootstrap. 
  • It provides 24/7 support to the customers. 
  • It carries fully responsive layouts. 
  • This theme is SEO supportive and mobile friendly. 
  • It has a strong framework and supports polylang Translator.  
  • It has creative demo versions for the users as well. 

11. Themex 

Themex is a well- known, flexible and multipurpose WordPress theme. It is a popular theme from Templatemonster marketplace. It supports retina graphics and besides PC, it also looks good on tablets and mobile phones. It contains unique layouts, different post types, page types, color scheme, fonts, icons and others.   

It has 85+ widgets and 800+ styles. Also, the team will help you to create your site if you face any problem. You have to just send them a message and inform them about your problem.

Themex provides cross browser support, 24/7 support and highest quality code. It also has well documentation, modern layout and unlimited color access.                                                                   

This theme is highly suitable for creating It- solutions, creative websites, software, transport, medical, startup, affiliate marketing and many other types of services.  

Furthermore, this theme contains highly customization tools, custom elements and update their service regularly. Note that, Themex is very helpful to make your online business successful.     


  • This theme has 50+ modern demos. 
  • It also supports the latest WordPress version. 
  • This theme is user friendly and mobile responsive. 
  • It supports drag and drop page builder.
  • It carries more than 20 header styles and 10+ footer styles. 
  • This theme is SEO supportive and mobile- friendly.
  • This theme offers header, footer, logo and menu customization. 
  • This theme is very flexible and will provide you a smooth scrolling experience.
  • This theme supports WPML, Loco and Polylang translators.

12. Bariplan

Bariplan is a construction related website. You can create an industry, building company, constructor portfolio, artistry company and others. 

It contains a lot of customization tools and functional elements to make your online business successful. It also helps to make your website creation easier. It also supports the latest software version and updated features. This theme has been created with valid code. Obviously, to use this theme, you don’t need to become an expert. 


Responsive: This theme is very responsive to all kinds of devices. It supports all the browsers and is a fast-responsive theme. 

Lifetime Updates: It offers lifetime updates with no extra cost and you also have access to new imported demo contents. 

Support page builder: This theme also supports Elementor drag and drop page builder to make your website faster and includes new custom elements to it.  

Support Bootstrap framework: It also supports Bootstrap framework and help you to create a fast and responsive website with strong framework. 

Header and Footer Style: This theme has 22+ unique header style and more than 10-footer styles. 

Color customization: It also has the option of color customization for every element of your site. 

13. Constructlar 

Constructlar is a responsive, modern and multipurpose theme especially designed for architecture and construction companies. It has one click demo import option to save your time and energy. You can create your professional website by taking the co-ordination of Elementor Page Builder.

It will also be embedded with fast and clean templates and avoid storing messy demo data. With a few clicks, you will be able to create your business website without any knowledge of coding. 


  • This theme has the option to translate your content in 180 languages. It uses the GTanslate and you can choose your preferred language from the setting section.
  • You can add separate sections for example, about us, our services, our projects, open jobs and others to organize your site. Thus, it will be helpful for your customers to review your site and services. 
  • You can set up images from the gallery or create a separate gallery for your site. 
  • You can customize the dashboard too.  
  • It also provides commercial license for the users. 

14. Merimag

Merimag is a well- known and leading name in the WordPress theme business industry. It carries an easy interface and takes only a few minutes to develop a website. It offers excellent drag and drop features. You don’t need to hire a professional web designer to design your site. 

This theme has been introduced by Templemonster and it is mainly designed for magazine and online news portals. You can create a personal blog and online store too with this theme. It is really easy to create a website with Merimag. You can easily update the latest version of Merimag theme to your WordPress website.

Download the Merimag theme today and you will be able to enjoy a lot of features. Some of them are given below- 

  • Merimag offers easy integration and supports SEO and security plugins. It is very easy to update your site with Merimag.
  • Merimag is a pre- optimized theme and carries good demo designs for your site.
  • You have to take the Srmehranclub membership and you will be able to download this theme easily. The installation process of this theme is also easy. 
  • Merimag is a verified and authentic WordPress theme which provides full security to its users.
  • Based on your purchased plans, this theme also offers a special discount to the customers. 

If you buy a Srmehranclub membership then you can download the theme absolutely free. But on individual purchase, it also offers a huge discount to the buyers. You can also accees these products free like  Muse, Graphics, Html templates, Drupal, Magento,   Opencart, Prestashop, Shopify, Unbounce, Ghost, Tumblr, Virtuemart, WordPress, Woocommerce, Joomla. 

This theme has the option of automatic update and provides 24/7 support to the users. You can contact them through WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Email or directly call them. 

It is also worth mentioning that Srmehranclub Membership will help you to get plugins, 21k+ premium themes, scripts and templates.  They are trustworthy and fully licensed companies. 

Quick Features of Merimag

  • Merimag is a 100% original and authentic theme.
  • It is also cheap and affordable. 
  • It does not create any security risk because the Merimag developer team is very sincere about customer’s privacy policy. 
  • This theme is available in the market at discount rates. 
  • It also offers various customization options for your site and you can customize every element of your site. 
  • It is very simple to download and install this theme and need just a few minutes to set up your site.  

15. IT- Solve

IT Solve is a strong and modern theme specially designed for technological websites. This theme is basically created with the support of the KingComposer page builder system. For configuring this theme, you don’t need any coding knowledge. What you have to do, just drag and drop your site and modify the theme options. 

This theme has an ultra-powerful theme system and provides full time free support to the customers. With this theme you can create site related to IT business, technical firms, consultation, startup, IT solutions and others. You can easily create a professional and good-looking website using this theme. Also, you can customize the code if you have enough knowledge about code modification. Because this theme is developer friendly and contains options like code modifier. 


  • This theme supports drag and drop page builder. 
  • It has more than 50 ready inner pages. 
  • It is a fully responsive theme.
  • It also includes 20+ demo pages. 
  • It uses the latest Bootsrap version 4 for the theme framework.
  • It contains unique designs and demo contents for your site. 
  • It has 15+ header style and 10+ footer style.
  • This theme is SEO friendly. 
  • It contains mobile friendly layouts and supports more than 500 Google fonts. 
  • Along with header and footer, it offers unlimited color, logo, button and menu customization too. 
  • It gives you a smooth scrolling experience.
  • This theme is very flexible with the Redux framework.  
  • It also offers online documentation and video tutorial to help you create your website. 
  • It also accommodates easy page building options.
  • This theme is fully customizable with a responsive visibility option. 

16. Ingmar

Ingmar is a popular theme created basically for news blogs, movies and online shows. This theme is developed using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro and Bootstrap 4. It will give you a unique experience while watching a movie. This theme also inserts MOVIEFY which contains a large collection of custom movie posters. 

This theme is named after famous film director Ingmar Bergman. He is one of the best directors of modern times. “The Seventh Seal”, a term of postmodern film interpretation, is the icon that represents the theme. Thus, it is a creative and unique theme considering its way of representation. 

In this theme. You can write a movie review, post, share your experience and create a database including movie name, poster, image, year of release, duration, actor, director and so on. 

Theme Features

It has classic templates with poster packs.

It also has updated demo, various colors and updated custom fields. 

It includes different page templates.

This theme has optimized codes and supports CSS. 

It is also compatible with the latest WordPress version.

It has fixed dropdown menu. 

17. DailySports 

DailySports is a well- known theme created for professional business. You can build up a gym, fitness center, sports club, yoga classes, Zumba, Aerobics and other sessions with this theme. It contains a large collection of demos, layouts and functions to create a well- maintained modern website. 

Everything is customizable here and it is quite easy to create a site with a DailySports WordPress theme. 

This is the best theme for those people who want to start a magazine related to sports, fitness center and training, gym and yoga center. Sports have become popular nowadays and people started to think about becoming fit. So, this is the best time to create a website related to sports or fitness. 

Furthermore, don’t forget to give attention to the site’s interface and try to make it less complex but attractive to the audience. Choose a topic either cricket, football, tennis, fitness exercise, stretching, aerobics, yoga and others to develop your site. Add images and write in detail about your available services and costs. 

If you are going to create your site about healthy lifestyle, choose the correct template to represent your site. discuss food, diet, exercise, rest, proper sleep, walking and others. But don’t spread wrong or false information. Also, if you are interested in building up a sports magazine, then update the site regularly with the latest sports events, results and news. The cover page of your site or template will help you to promote your business. You can also review recent sports events or share a comparative discussion based on previous matches. Your aim should be attracting more audience towards your site. 

This theme is very cheap at price and SEO optimized as well. You can add separate plugins to show schedule, latest post, payment option, receive paid advertisement and more in your site. you can create a unique website with this fully responsive theme. Isn’t it awesome? You can also add links, social buttons, icons, gallery and more to your sports website. 

You can increase the flexibility of your site by creating a mega menu, navigation bar and short codes. You can also create a contact form for your site. 

It is a user-friendly theme and copes up with all the device screens. It is a clear and developed theme with high- resolution. This theme also includes modern designs and contains features of e- commerce too. 

18. IronMass

IronMass is another theme suitable for creating sports blog or fitness websites. You can also create a multilingual website. It also supports translation.

You can add a call to action button, contact us button, or our services button to your site. It is a 100% customizable theme. 

This theme is retina- friendly, SEO optimized and supports different layouts, demo designs, images, header, footer, menu and color customization. The natural color combination of this theme also attracts the audience.

Moreover, don’t forget to create a home page and introduce your site and services through it. try to make it as attractive as possible. 

These are some of the popular themes introduced by Templemonster marketplace. Additionally, all of them earned a good rating from the users. Also, they get positive reviews and earn praise from the audience. 

The good thing is that all of them are updated regularly and support the latest WordPress version. They are SEO optimized and retina friendly too. 

That’s all for today. I hope this article will be helpful to choose the best theme for your website. Thank you. 

Best Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is another best place to buy WordPress themes. They provide Divi builder and premium page builder plugins with simple pricing plans. You can use those themes in a single license which is updated regularly.  

You know, 806,875 Customers  are now using Divi. 

Theme Description:

Divi: It  is one of the popular themes from Elegant theme marketplace. It will take your website to the next level with immense flexibility, diverse options and modern technology. 

Extra: it is another theme specially designed for bloggers with many categories and organized homepage. 

Now, if we talk about price, this theme needs $89 per year. Then, we have to pay for renewing the license. Also, this company provides 24/7 support. You can mail the team and chat with them if you need regarding technical issues. It also offers a 30 days money back policy if you do not like their service. They also provide trusted security services and maintain your privacy too. 

Theme Features

Yes, both Divi and Extra themes are full of features to access. These features are enough to fulfill your expectations.  

These themes will help you to change your site’s typography, color, layout and others. You can set your featured articles, icons and basic functions too. You can also build pages, posts and custom settings, configure menus, add internal and external links, navigation bar and more for your site. 

Moreover, you can customize the layout settings too. Change thumbnails, configure comments and posts easily with Divi and Extra themes. Additionally, these themes are compatible with SEO plugins and will help you to rank your contents too. 

Note that, you can enroll your Google AdSense code in this theme and run advertisements and earn money through your site. 

Thus, for elegant themes, when a new version is available, API key is helpful to update your theme easily.

Talking about Divi cost, it needs $89 for 1 year and for one- time payment you will need to pay 249 U.S. dollars.  

Now, we are going to talk about top elegant themes from ThemeForest. 

1.Modern Business WordPress Theme

2. Techno



5. Rey


7.DK Theme

8. Scroller 

9. Titan

10. The Luxury 

11. Nouveau

12. Pond

1.Modern Business WordPress Theme

It is a multi-purpose and modern WordPress theme. With this theme, you can build contents without any coding. It has more than 50 additional widgets. This theme is mainly designed for creating business sites with modern facilities. 

This theme supports a variety of pages, photos and icons and you can organize them according to your own.  This theme is largely preferable for a great presentation of your business online. Add images, icons, product lists, numbers, sections and regularly update your site profile so that visitors get a quick idea of your business from the site. 

Generally, your company logo should be added at the left corner and then design your site with tabs, header, footer and other options. You can also create a smart menu with either page name or product name. Don‘t forget to add a search menu and card enrollment section on the homepage.  Adding photos and a short introduction about your company is also important. So that your visitors get a primary and clear idea of your service. 

In the about page, you are expected to include a piece of solid information about your service and quality. Then you can add samples of your work too. Suppose, you have a customized clothing business. You can add sample videos of your available clothes and upcoming designs. There is also have opportunity to ask your customer’s opinion too. Add the view work button and service button so that customers get necessary information by clicking those options. 

It is useful to create a separate section for contact information. Include email address, phone number, social media contact information and message option, address and map for the location. In this way, your customers can contact either through online or visit your shop by using the provided address. 


Do you want to create a stunning and beautiful website? Techno can be an elegant and flexible theme for your unique site. It is suitable for IT business, machine learning, data science, startup, technology and others. 

 Elementor Drag & Drop page builder and KingComposer Drag & Drop Page Builder are two popular versions of Techno theme. This is a professional with an incredible support system. As a user, you don’t need to do any coding to run your site with a Techno theme. 

Additionally, this theme is mobile responsive and it has many color schemes, layouts, page variations and a large number of fonts.

Features of Techno Theme 

  • This theme has 30+ different demos
  • It is 100% responsive to all kind of devices 
  • It also has more than 15 types of header style and 10+ footer types
  • You can customize the buttons, logo, header, footer, color and other settings to your site
  • You will definitely have a smooth experience of scrolling with a Techno theme.


Rosemary is a responsive theme specially designed for blogs, magazines and news portals. It supports WooCommerce and Gutenberg too. It also has multiple layout options. It has a promo box, support index shortcode too. Moreover, this theme has various customizable color options and quick navigation opportunities. 

This elegant theme has 5 different types of layouts. It also has unlimited blog page creating options, many templates and post formats to access. It is a flexible blog theme which only costs 39 U.S. dollars for 6 months service. Additionally, this theme achieves 4.76 rating out of 5 and 97% of its users are satisfied with the service. 

Power Elite Author SoloPine has created this awesome theme and it has already made 9000+ sales. You can create different customizable widgets. For example, social, about me, latest post, contact menu and others.  Moreover, this theme will save your money and effort also. 

FAQ about Rosemary theme

Is Rosemary installation difficult?

No, it is actually very easy and simple to install Rosemary theme.

Does Rosemary support premium plugins?

Yes, this theme supports premium plugins. 

Do Rosemary theme updates are free of charge?

Yes, all the upcoming updates of Rosemary are free of charge. 

Can I rearrange the layouts of my site?

Of course. Using the Rosemary theme, you can easily rearrange the layouts of your site. 

Can I remove the copyright from the theme?

Yes, you can remove the copyright of the theme. 


Roneous is a multi- purpose theme with lots of features. It is helpful to create a unique and impressive website. Basically, the team gives proper attention to each and every detail, feature and update of the theme. 


  • Roneous is a fully responsive theme 
  • It has custom visual components and ready-made child theme. 
  • It also has advanced portfolio and blog options.
  • This theme integrated with WooCommerce.
  • It also has custom header and footer options with lifetime free updates opportunity. 
  • It will provide you with a smooth scrolling experience.
  • You can share your contents on social media too. 
  • This theme supports WPBakery page builder for WordPress.

5. Rey

Rey is a properly designed WordPress theme with many features and modern infrastructure. It is a flexible and lightweight theme. The regular license costs $69 and the extended license costs 5000 U.S. dollars.  

It is a theme with permanent framework, beautiful design and many other available options. It has less restrictions and is an adaptable and great theme for WordPress users. It is a straightforward and well- arranged theme with a stable foundation. This theme is very easy to install and create online stores or your preferred website easily. It supports plugins like WPRocket, WPML and Contact form and others. 


  • It is multi-language responsive.
  • It has a separate plugin manager to support your site.
  • You can customize settings for each page. 
  • This theme takes automatic updates. So, you don’t need to update your site manually while using this theme. 
  • It has features of auto save and revision history for flexible use. 
  • It has maintenance mode auto save and a child theme too. 
  • This theme is cheaper and beginner- friendly.

Note that, the Rey team provides fast and necessary support to their customers and takes feedback from the users for future improvements. Also, they are very much conscious about user security and maintaining privacy. 


ThemeFuzz is a fast and high-resolution theme for WordPress. It was launched in the market in 2019. You will get a ready made widget and enjoy high quality resolution with this theme. Moreover, this theme is compatible with Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Edge browser. It has responsive layouts with various header and footer options. You can also customize the color of your site, text font and add images to your site. 

7.DK Theme

DK is a premium quality elegant theme for creating photography websites or personal blogs. It includes the latest WordPress features with full customization facility. 


  • DK theme has 10-page templates with 6 gallery page templates.
  • It provides gallery support with password protection.
  • It also supports external linking and you can add videos and images too. 
  • It also has 7 types of custom widgets and supports social media too. 
  • This theme also has 4 types of different homepage styles. 
  • Again, it is flexible for creating page columns and supports typography. 

8. Scroller 

Scroller is a responsive, elegant theme mainly designed for photographers. This theme is also helpful for business, portfolio and creative websites. It has many advanced features too. 


  • This theme has an advanced admin theme panel. 
  • It includes a full screen slider with a flexible scroll effect.
  • This theme also provides you with a strong framework for your site. 
  • It has responsive layout and unlimited color options. 
  • You will also get a separate social network for your site. 

9. Titan 

Titan is an attractive elegant theme which is basically designed for a portfolio website. It encompasses different distinctive features to make it appealing to the audience. It supports all the browsers and also holds up the updated version of WordPress. You can control al, the settings and custom options through the theme admin panel. 

Moreover, the Titan theme bears an aesthetic look and you can create web companies, SEO agencies, graphic design, software companies, IT solutions and other web related services. 


  • Titan is a mobile- friendly theme. 
  • For user’s security, it incorporates a gallery with password protection. 
  • It has 8 portfolio templates and 14 gallery templates for creating your website. 
  • It supports 300+ Google fonts and multiple color options. 
  • It has 80 unique animations.
  • This theme is also compatible with CSS and Java script.
  • This theme involves flexible columns for the pages and typography.
  • Titan has 230+ professional icon sets too. 

10. The Luxury 

The Luxury is an elegant theme which is specially designed for selling luxury products like bags, watches, car, jewelry and others. This theme supports WooCommerce too. It allows a drag and drop module too. Also, you can include an add to cart button and increase your sales. 

  • This theme offers unlimited colors for your site. You can set colors for every setting of your site.
  • For empowering your site, the Luxury theme has active shortcodes too.
  • You can set parallax background and speed for your site. 
  • You can float the navigations of your site also. 
  • You can customize the size of the sidebar and there are 5 options available for you in this theme. 
  • This theme is fully responsive and SEO friendly. 
  • It supports 4 portfolio styles. They are- modern, modern without space, classic and classic without space.
  • It also supports 4 blog styles Column, Medium, Full, Masonry and column. 

11. Nouveau

Nouveau is an elegant, multipurpose theme which is highly responsive and filled with modern features. This theme can be an ideal choice for creating websites related to fashion, photography, blog, business, portfolio and others. It is a customizable theme and you can set header layout, mega menu, side menu and other options in your site.

It is a flexible theme with a powerful page builder. You can create beautiful and creative websites through this theme. Additionally, along with colorful layouts, you can choose black and white layout for your site too.


  • This theme has unlimited header layouts.
  • It also includes the left menu, side menu and mega menu settings for your site.
  • You will also get customizable footer, color settings and fonts with this theme. 
  • It also supports WPBakery page builder.
  • Nouveau theme is a SEO optimized and mobile friendly theme. 
  • It has a powerful admin interface with interactive infographics. 


Pond is an elegant, minimal and creative WordPress theme which will definitely help you to create a unique and standard website. This is a retina ready, flexible and responsive theme. You can create both one page or multi page websites with this theme. 


It has a separate theme option panel. 

This theme allows you to add parallax background images and videos to your site.

You will also have a viewpoint border and demo importer for your site.

Pond theme is well documented and fully organized.

It supports cross browser optimization.

You can access Google Map from your site too. 

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