Hello Elementor WordPress Theme Review 

Hello Elementor WordPress Theme Review 

Hello Elementor WordPress Theme Review – Hello Elementor is a quick and lightweight WordPress theme for developers and users. It is referred to as plain- vanilla or starter design. It could be a blank canvas for the website owners.

In this article, I am going to talk about Hello Elementor, its features, and review the theme. Please read the article till the end to get the full idea. I hope you will like this article.

 Let’s start the discussion right away. 

What is Hello Elementor Theme?

Hello Elementor’s template system is very organized and active. It has a lot of opportunities to expand your site. It allows you to create unique titles, templates for the posts. Also, you can customize the header and footer design and change the layout of your pages. 

In the past, page developers mainly tried to make posts, pages, images to make a professional look-alike website. Their main target was to attract an audience and increase the organic traffic for the websites. However, page builders extended their function to website designing in the past few years. They started to think beyond content, posts, and pages.

You can design your site and customize other settings and functions through Hello Elementor for your site. 

How to download Hello Elementor Theme 

People often ask how to download Hello Elementor Theme?  You can download Hello Elementor for free from WordPress.org website. You can also download it from the plugin page of your WordPress admin panel. 

You can change all designs handled by Hello Elementor. Hello Elementor its one of the fast loading plugins for WordPress. People use Hello Elementor for different purposes. For example, some people use it for creating beautiful WordPress blogs and pages using Hello’s blank canvas. Some develop online stores with Elementors WooCommerce Builder. Some are also creating advanced designs from scratch using the template system of Hello Elementor. 

How Fast Is Hello? 

When a user adds many options to their WordPress website, it may become slower and take longer to load. You may activate the free version of WP Fastest Cache and enable catching. It is also helpful to make your website faster to load. 

Hello and the Free Version of Elementor

In Hello, you won’t find any theme options page. There will be no customizable theme settings, header, footer changing options or sidebars. 

Hello is a blank canvas and you will be reminded through notifications after completing the activation process.  You can change and modify all your website themes and designs through Elementor. Outside of Elementor, you may use CSS Hero to make significant changes in your website. 

You can divide your pages into multiple sections and give each section a unique look by changing its layout in Elementor. You can create different templates and separate them through specific categorization.  Templates are allowed to be created for both pages and sections in the free version of Elementor.

In Elementor, a page can be split into multiple sections, which is a great way to make each part of your layout unique.  Templates can be created for pages and sections in the free version of Elementor – you can create as many templates as you want and group them into categories.

Elementor will provide you with sufficient tools to create and develop pages and necessary sections on your website. You can add images, photos, videos, post titles, image titles, header, maps, columns, posts, and others. 

 Elementor page templates selection is available free of cost, and these pre-made designs can be a great beginning point for building your own pages and designing them. But you need to buy the Elementor pro package to unlock all themes and don’t face any restrictions while designing your website.

Benefits of Hello with Elementor Pro

If you upgrade your package to Elementor Pro, you will get complete access to the Elementor theme builder. Along with creating pages and separate sections, you will also be able to modify headers, footers, posts, archives, and global widgets. You can also make necessary changes in your site. 

You will be glad to know that 300+ available premium templates are active in Elementor Pro and they are proved really helpful while creating unique website designs. 

Hello Elementor Users: 

Hello Elementor is very popular among people. It is a non-native theme with more than one million active installations. Hello Elementor is still active on over five million sites. I know the number is huge. It proves that a lot of people trust Hello Elementor services. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. 

Major aspects of Hello Elementor 

What are the major aspects of Hello Elementor? Let’s look at them with a brief discussion. 

1. Fast and lightweight 

Hello Elementor is very fast in loading. Its loading speed is quite good. Developers claim that pages should be loaded in a quarter of a second with Hello Elementor plans. 

2. Freedom

You will have the complete freedom to design your site in your own way. You can show your creative ideas by designing your site and the necessary customization process. 

What customization options does Hello offers? 

After the installation and activation of the Hello theme, nothing will change in your dashboard. You won’t find any settings to change and upgrade your site. Hello theme is more like a blank page in front of you. It is your job to fill the blank paper with your creativity. 

You will see only four options on the screen. They are- 

1. Menus

2.  Homepage Settings

3.  Additional CSS

4.  Site Identity

Hello Elementor Theme Settings in the WordPress Customizer

You will see nothing but a blank page at the beginning. You can customize your site according to your choice. 

First, you can add a logo and a favicon to your site. Then create a new menu and select what you want to display on your site’s homepage.

You have to add your own CSS code too.

These are some easy steps to start your site after activation of Hello Elementor. You don’t have to search here and there nor get lost. So, don’t get upset after viewing a blank page. You may now understand that you have to organize the site. You can create your entire design through Hello Elementor.

How does Elementor work?

You have to understand the mechanism of Elementor first. Like others, Elementor contains both basic and unique components to structure your page. Now, the question may come to your mind, what should I add to organize my site? Let me recommend you.

1. You will add a section

2. Then you will add number of columns

3. After that you will set your elements into the columns

These elements are known as widgets. Now, you can start working on your site.  

A page builder tool is very useful. Through page builder tools, you can create complex and beautiful layouts for your contents and pages and you don’t need to touch coding for that. You can also use readymade templates for your site.

In case you wish to build a professional website without touching the code, you have to use Hello with the Elementor pro version and pay for it.

All Hello styles must be modified or structured directly with Elementor. But if you know coding and want to add CSS code of your site according to your convenience, then experts recommend you to use Hello Child Theme.

As I previously mentioned that you can’t edit header, footer, blog, category, archive pages using Hello Child Theme. You have to upgrade your package to the Hello pro version. You are not allowed to customize every setting of your WordPress website using Hello Child Theme. Alternatively, with Hello Pro Version, you will get access to additional features, templates and widgets.

Using Hello with Elementor, you will get 100% compatibility and minimizes the risk of bugs and occurring error and other types of conflicts.

 Integration with plugins

Reviewing the Hello Elementor theme, we have not tasted every plugin integration with Hello. But there are some popular plugins with which you are not supposed to face any trouble. Yoast SEO, Akismet, Contact Form 7, WPML are some of them.

Similarly, you should not have any problem with WooCommerce which is helpful in creating online stores and shops on your site. Isn’t it awesome?

However, Hello theme does not offer dedicated integration with WooCommerce. Why? Because it is not allowed to change the look of some common pages like payment, products, shopping, cart etc with it.

Now, how can you customize your online shop using Hello Elementor? You will need to use Elementor Pro and its WooCommerce builder service to change the look and appearance of your online store. You will have full control over the settings of your online store.

Speed issue and site ranking

We have been talking about the Hello theme for so long. We have known so far about the features, usage, related tools, settings and other issues. Now, we are going to analyze how speed is connected to site ranking.

In principle, Hello passed a test with good marks conducted by the WP Rocket team. Total 13 subjects participated in that test. Experts confirm that when Hello is paired with Elementor shows better performance and load faster than paired with Elegant Themes, Generate Press or Avada.

Now, we will talk about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. As loading speed and SEO are connected to each other. So, let’s see.

Hello is a SEO friendly WordPress theme. But you have to install Elementor and connect it with Hello to get the full facility. To be honest, you won’t be able to set anything without Elementor.

Through Elementor page builder, you will be able to update title tag, Meta tag and add related links from different websites. You can use Elementor directly without going to the dashboard of your admin panel.

You may know that optimizations are two types. I advise, for on page optimization it is better to use a dedicated plugin. If you want to rank on Google, you have to write excellent content and use appropriate keywords. 

I suggest, it is better to install page speed insight tools. It is helpful improving blocking points in loading your page faster even on mobile. Many people use mobile to search articles and read them from Google. So, it is very necessary to speed up your page and site on the phone. Otherwise, you may lose traffic for your site.

Are you still reading this article? That’s great!

Now, we are moving to theme pricing with no delay.

Hello is a free theme. There is no premium version for Hello. So, it is a highly recommended theme service for the beginners. They can run their website without any investment with Hello. 

But for creating a professional website and enjoying full access to your website, you have to buy an Elementor Pro page builder to pair it with your free Hello theme.

Of course. You are allowed to use the Hello free version for your WordPress site but with limited access. 

Four licenses are now available for the Elementor Pro service. They are- 

For one site you have to spend $49/year

 For 25 sites, it costs you $199/year

For 100 sites, you need to spend $499/year

 For 1,000 sites, you need to invest $999/year

From this long discussion on the Hello theme, you may get an overview of using the Hello Elementor theme. You have learned how it works, what are its features, SEO, responsiveness, pricing, rating, and how to customize it.

Besides, I try to explain the problems that you may face with the Hello theme and how to overcome them. 

Now, let’s discover the pros and cons of the Hello theme. It will provide you with a general overview of the Hello theme. 

Pros and Cons of the Hello Theme

What are the advantages of the Hello theme? The most common advantages are given below. 

  1. It is a perfect partner for the Elementor page builder. It is largely dependent on Elementor services. Hello theme can work effectively with Elementor with less or no risk of incompatibility or blockage. 
  1. It is very fast and light to use which is a big plus point of it and also appreciated by the users.
  1. Hello theme is free of cost. You don’t need to spend any money at the beginning. 
  1. You can set the coding of your website on your own. 
  1. It needs fewer requests to the server for operating than most of the available themes. 
  1. If you face any issue or problem, Elementor’s large community is always there to help you. 
  1. Hello theme is free to download and use.

Along with advantages, there are some notable disadvantages found in the Hello theme.

  1. It does not have any settings, it is just a basic theme with a blank page in front of you.
  2. You need to buy a page builder package to work with the Hello theme. Here, Elementor is the most suggested service to use.
  3. You can’t activate your sidebar with the Hello theme. You need to install Elementor for it.
  4. For adding headers, footers, widgets, and other advanced settings, you need to install Elementor. Only the Hello theme can’t give you this access to your website. 

Who is Hello Elementor For?

Hello Elementor, an exclusive theme but not liked by all. Without Elementor page builder, you may not feel comfortable using the Hello theme alone. Because it has limited features and is bound to specific access for your website. 

Therefore, if you ask who Hello Elementor is, the answer is for those who want to design their websites from the root. For those who know to code and plan to design their website in a creative and unique way. Obviously, their desire and effort is highly appreciable through the Hello theme. 

Installing the Hello Elementor Theme

It is quite easy to install the Hello theme. There is no premium version of the Hello theme. You can directly install it. Now, follow the installation process.  

First, you have to log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and then click on themes from appearance within the admin dashboard. Then click add new. Then click on add new WordPress theme. After that search for the Hello theme and install it. Now activate the theme and you are now all set to start your site. 

For getting full access to your website with Hello theme, make sure you install after installing the theme, the Elementor page builder. You will also get a reminder message after you install the Hello theme. They actually just remind you to install and activate the supported page builder in case you forget to activate it. 

How to Customize the Hello Elementor Theme using Elementor Page Builder

To customize the Hello Elementor theme, first, go to the WordPress admin dashboard and then go to the pages column and add a new page. Now, give a page title and set the page theme using Elementor page builder.  After that, you can edit and make necessary changes to your page using Elementor.

Does it seem easy? Yes, it is quite easy to set up your website using the Hello theme with Elementor page builder support. Let’s move to the Elementor template library.

Template Library of Elementor

For using the Elementor template library, you have to connect your site to Elementor service. For this, create an account using Email ID and password and get full access to Elementor template library.

You can copy ready page templates to your site. It is allowed to do. But give a couple of seconds to load and set the selected theme to your site and then you will get a gorgeous looking website. Note that, you can select the length and weight of your site theme too. 

 From this article, you may get a full idea on the Hello Elementor theme, its features and usage. Hopefully, it will help you while buying the Hello Elementor theme.  You may not feel discouraged when you see the blank page in front of you after installing the Hello theme. Because you know that you have to design it of your own. 

Now, look at the frequently asked question and answer list below.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Hello Elementor Theme

There are some questions often asked by people. I will try to answer them shortly. 

What is Hello Elementor theme?

Hello Elementor is a WordPress theme which is free. It is often suggested to be used paired with the Elementor page builder.

Is Hello the best theme for Elementor?

You can certainly say that. Compared to other page builders, developers find that Hello is the best theme and resourceful for Elementor page builders. But you may use other themes as well. 

How do I get Hello Elementor theme?

You can download the Hello Elementor theme from the WordPress plugin section. Go to your admin dashboard and then appearance and then themes and then add new from where, you can install and add Elementor to your site. 

Is the Elementor Hello theme free?

Yes, the Hello Elementor theme is primarily a free service to use. 

Is Elementor theme fast?

Yes, the Hello Elementor theme is very fast and light to use with no or minimum interruptions. 

Where to download the Hello Elementor child theme?

You can download the Hello Elementor Child theme from Github. Also, you can search the internet and find links for installing it.

Is Hello Elementor responsive or not?

Yes, the Hello Elementor theme is responsive.  

Is Hello Elementor Woo Commerce compatible?

Yes, Hello Elementor is accessible with WooCommerce. It is one of the suitable themes for WooCommerce shops.

Does Hello Elementor support RTL?

Yes, Hello Elementor is fully supported by RTL.

Summarize the article:

Hello Elementor is one of the fastest themes. But it directly or indirectly forces you to use page builder services to get the full access of your site.  Its major feature is that it is absolutely free to use. You can use this theme as a skeleton and add elements and designs on your own. 

There are lots of opportunities to show creativity in designing your website using the Hello Elementor theme. It can be treated as a foundation for your site.

You also get the idea of prices for buying Elementor available packages if you read the article carefully. More than 5 million users are using the Hello Elementor theme for their sites.

My opinion

What do I think about the Hello Elementor theme? If you search on the internet, you will find many reviews in support of the Hello Elementor theme. Also, there are some reviews against it. 

In my opinion, the Hello theme is the best choice for the beginners. Also, if you know coding, you can customize your own website with Hello theme. It will give your site a unique look and identity to your site. 

If people feel interested in viewing your site, you will get organic traffic and views for it. I suggest, beginners should try the Hello theme. Hopefully, they will like it. 

Talking about my experience, I was really happy with the speed and data of the Hello theme. I feel the price is comparatively low, comparing Elementor’s features. 

Final Thoughts

The Hello Elementor theme has several good sides. But it is true that not everyone will like it. But it is a genuine service and trustworthy to its users. You will get 24 hours support with Hello. They will also send you emails and notifications. So, in case, if you don’t know anything about the Hello theme, you will be notified. So, don’t worry about it. 

In this article, we talked a lot about the Hello Elementor theme. Do you like the article? Please give us your valuable feedback. Thank you. 

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