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SEO CHECKER- FREE SEO TOOLS 2022 – Whenever I am writing a project, the right tools are very necessary to improve the quality of that project. Moreover, it takes less time to complete a project. Manually writing and using a tool, it makes a huge difference in your work. 

Do you want to work the fastest and smartest way? You need some tools to save your extra time and it is useful to improve your quality as well.

How to search for keywords and write SEO optimized content? Check the tools below (with details) and find the appropriate one for you. I have collected a list of SEO checker tools for you.

1. Google Pagespeed Insights

This tool is often used to check the speed of your site. The most positive side of this tool is there is no limitation given for this tool. 

What you have to do, simply enter a URL to the search option and it will examine the performance and loading time for that site on computer and mobile. Then it will show you the result with feedback. Normally it shows scores from 0 to 100 and shows a comment like whether it runs low, medium or high. It calculates diverse metrics and points out the area which needs further improvement to speed up your site. 


  1. Pingdom
  2. WebPageTest 
  3. GTMetrix

2. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

This tool will be helpful to run a technical audit to your website.  But it has limitations.  Every month, you can run up to 5000 crawl credits per project. 

For using this tool, you have to sign up to Ahrefs Webmaster Tools and then verify your current site. It will audit your site and you can handle more than 100 technical SEO problems with that. It will also provide you with suggestions on how to fix those problems.  

After casting a technical audit tool, it will also suggest where you can add links and it will help you to boost your rankings on Google and other search engines. You can also see rankings of organic keywords of your website and those sites which are linking to you. 


1. Screaming Frog (audit) 

2. Beam Us Up (audit)

3. Answer the Public

Here is another SEO optimization tool, Answer the Public. You will find 100 + related keywords which are related to your keyword. But you can only do two free searches each day which is a huge limitation of this tool. 

Though you can search further, for that either you have to pay or wait till 24 hours for your next free search. 

If you search on keywords, it will show you a long list of related keywords and common questions related to the topic which people often ask. 

Alternative Tools

1., UberSuggest

2.  Keyword Sheeter

3. Keyword Generator

Google Analytics

Though it is not wholly a SEO optimization tool, it is helpful to track if you are getting any organic traffic or not. Through this tool, you can see comparative graphs of organic traffic and analysis of your website.  You can see where these traffic are coming from and which content of your site is getting the most traffic. 


1. Matomo

2. Open Web Analytics

3. Clicky

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a widely used tool for websites. You can use this software to fix the site’s technical issues. You can also see data reports including impressions, views, clicks, average visitors, ranking position, sitemap and others. You will also have alerts, error reports and overall daily or weekly analysis charts to see the performance of your website. 

Though this software has limitations. It can only show 1K backlinks and 1k keywords and deals with simple technical issues. 

Alternative Tool

  1. Bing Webmaster Tools
  2.  Yandex Webmaster Tools

6. Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker

Then at number 6, we have Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker. This program is mainly used to see a comparative link analysis report in detail. It is free for the first 100 backlinks. For more complex searches, you have to pay a certain amount. 

Alternative software

Moz Link Explorer

7. Google Ads Keyword Planner

Through this SEO tool, you will find what people are searching for and what topics people are interested at present. For example, it can be news, food, restaurants, movies, songs or any kind of new trend. 

But you have to run an ad campaign for search volumes. How to search in keyword planner? First enter a single keyword or multiple related keywords and then Google will show a comparative analysis report including monthly search rate, competitor sites usage of those keywords in number and also suggest which keywords you should add to your content to improve the optimization rate. 

Alternative Operating System

Bing Keyword Planner

8. SERPSim

Using this tool, you can see the preview of your website and know how your page’s content will look like in search results. There is no limitation for this program. 


Portent’s SERP Preview Tool

9. Google Trends

Through Google Trends, you will find the latest trending news and contents as well as what people are showing most interest on online you will also know that. Even if you are planning to write a content on a particular topic, you can search for its popularity rate and public demand for this topic.

There is no limitation for this tool and you will find what the most trending topic is now and can organize your content accordingly. 

You can also compare multiple terms and observe public demands because if you want to keep your site updated, you have to have knowledge about the current trends and situation.

10. Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar

You can check on page elements and features through Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar software. Do you want to write SEO optimized content? You can check broken links, no follow links and redirect chains through this software. 

Note that, there are certain facilities that are free in this system. For example- technical features and on- page SEO features. But for complex elements, you have to open an account for this software.  Within the SERPs, you will be able to see major keywords, keyword metrics, search volume and CPC. 

Some other tools are-

1. Detailed SEO Extension

2. SEO Minion 

3. LinkMiner (broken links)

 4. Ayima Redirect Path (redirect tracing)

11. Moz Local Listing Score

If you have a plan to shift your local business online then this tool can be useful for you. Moz Local Listing Score, compare and observe the performance of your local business online. 

But this software is only accessible from three nations- USA, Canada & UK. You know, Moz collects data from 10+ different resources like Google, Yelp, and Facebook, instagram and other search engines. 

You will be able to see a list of errors and the fixing process and a complete data analysis report will be shown. 

12. Yoast SEO

This SEO tool helps to optimize your posts and articles for search engines. Though it has some limitations and you can unlock all the features by buying a premium account. Simply enter a keyword and this tool will help you to optimize your site by suggesting other related keywords. 


  1. Rank Math
  2.  All in One SEO Pack
  3.  The SEO Framework

13. JSON-LD Schema Generator For SEO

You can see the preview and customize how you webpage pop up in search engines. There is no limitation and is absolutely free to use. 

You have to create a custom code and then copy and paste it to your website. This code is useful to display your customized web page on search results. Then check if the implementation completed accurately or not.

Alternative Software

Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator

14. Classy Schema Structured Data Viewer

Then in this list, we have the Classy Schema Structured Data Viewer tool. There is no restriction for this tool. You can check whether your customized data executes correctly or not. You can check the technical aspects of SEO too. 


  1. Google Structured Data Testing Tool 
  2. Google’s Rich Results Test 

15. Similar Web

Do you want to research on competitor’s sites? Manually, it takes a lot of time. But using a tool can make your work easier. How? Use Similar Web to see traffic number, reaching rate, traffic location and others. You will get more features if you buy an account on Similar Web. 

16. SERP Robot

This is another free SEO optimization tool. When we are talking about SEO optimization, keywords, traffic, per hour traffic reaching rate these are some of the topics that come with it. You will be able to see five keywords maximum at a time with the free version. 

What you have to do, input any website link and five related keywords and check the individual rankings of each keyword for your site and as well as your competitor sites too. 

17. XML Sitemaps

This courseware is helpful to create sitemaps for your site. Remember, you can create free sitemaps for 500 pages. After that, you have to go for paid account. 

What does a sitemap do? It gives a short overview of your page and its contents. Just enter the URL of your webpage and within a few minutes, it will create a sitemap for you and you can share it in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. 

18. Copyscape

You know, copied contents do not get higher ranking in Google. Because Google itself is a machinery tool and works based on set programming. When it finds a duplicate content, it immediately keeps it back because it understands that there is nothing new to show to the audience. 

To check the plagiarized content, enter a URL and it can be your webpage’s URL too and check which portion already exits online and then rewrite it using different sentence structure and synonyms. 

You can obviously work on the same topic, but there needs to be something unique in your writing which Google will appreciate. Remember, a lot of contents are already available online similar to your topic. So, I suggest, to do a deep, thoughtful research and then go for your writing. 

19. Google Alerts

Do you want to promote your site, brand and products? Keep on Google Alerts. Listed your site, product, brand or company name on Google and you will be notified through email when someone is using or referring to your product or company. 

Then going to that post you may see how many people reached that post and what their impressions are. In this way, your brand will get a promotional scope too. 

21. Screaming Frog SEO Log File Analyzer

You can analyze your log files through this software. But the limitation is maximum 1000 lines you can check at a time.

Similar Software


22. Exploding Topics

Are you facing problems finding the latest topics? Discover latest trends, hot news, most viewed contents with Exploding Topics. This is an awesome tool which will help you to select your content topic. 

Do you want to get high search volumes? Choose popular target topics to work on. There is no limitation for this software.

Alternatives are-

  1. Glimpse
  2. Treendly

23. The Hreflang Tags Generator Tool

This site is useful for multilingual sites. You will have to set hreflang tags appropriately if your site’s target is different countries and languages. But sometimes, it can create a mess. 

Enter your site’s URL along with target country and languages and it will show hreflang annotations to you. 

24. Keyword Surfer

Through this software, you will be able to see search volume and CPC data for individual keywords you input into Google. You will also get a list of related keywords. There is no limitation for this software.

Alternative Tool

WMS Everywhere

25. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Do you want to check your site’s mobile friendliness? Use Google Mobile-Friendly Test and it will let you know whether your site is mobile- friendly or not. If not, then it will also detect the problems and show you ways to fix them. 

You will certainly lose a huge number of traffic if your site somehow fails to become mobile friendly. Because a large number of people still operate Google and check for sites through mobile. Besides, it is easier to search and you can operate from anywhere across the world. 

The major issue is page loading problem and data error and don’t support your site on mobile. So, it can’t open and run using a mobile phone. So, you have to check the mobile availability of your site. 

26. Website Authority Checker

Here comes the Website Authority Checker. You can check your site’s domain rating with no limitations through this software. Enter your site link to check the rating. The number shows how authoritative your site is. The authoritative sites have greater possibility to get a higher rank in Google. 


Moz’s Domain SEO Analysis Tool

27. Whitespark’s Google Review Link Generator

For getting higher SEO, customer review and interlinking is important. Through this web tool you can create a link so that your customers can review your site on Google. It is beneficial for your business too.  

More Related Tools

Woorank’s SEO & Website Analysis Tool

Animalz Revive


Seed Keywords





Google Search Console


Screaming Frog

Google Analytics

Reddit Keyword Research Tool

Yoast WordPress Plugin

Panguin Tool

Wordtracker Scout


Bing Webmaster Tools




Bulk Google Rank Checker

 LSI Graph

1. Woorank’s SEO & Website Analysis Tool

Using this software, you will see a full list of SEO score. Besides, it will show you how to modify your off page and on page SEO. Along with the problem, it will also provide SEO solutions for your site. This is a best tool for marketing checklists.

2. Animalz Revive

You know, content readers and audience’s demand is constantly changing. Therefore, you may need to update your older contents to engage more audience to your site. This tool Animalz Revive helps to find older contents that need improvement and modification. You don’t need to go through Google analytics manually. This tool is useful to find exactly which content you need to bring necessary changes.

3. CanIRank

If you want to rank on Google with certain keywords then this tool is for you. Like other tools, it does not give you a general overview compared to other sites. Rather this tool specifically tells you whether you can rank with your keyword or not. So you see, keyword selection is very important for content creators and site owners. 

It will also show you how to choose target keywords for your contents to rank your site. 

4. Seed Keywords

Keyword research tools normally act the same way. In the seed Keywords tool, you will enter a keyword and it will show a result with a number of related keywords. 

But what is the difference? This software does not show a list of related keywords compared to other available sites; rather it will ask viewers and customers what they are looking for and you will get a genuine list of keywords. 

Then you can search on Goggle if you want to show how competitive those keywords are and how much you have a chance to rank with those keywords. 

5. Seobility

Do you have SEO issues with your site? Then install this tool and check optimization problems for example-

  • Slow loading pages
  • Blocked pages
  • Sitemap problems
  • Technical SEO issues
  • Reason for error 
  • Speed issue and others.  

Not only the site, it will also show an analytical content report detecting search engine optimization issues like keyword stuffing, title problem, meta description, short content, duplicate content and others.  

6. Ubersuggest

Enjoy paid tool features in Ubersuggest absolutely free! This free SEO tool will provide you detailed data analysis with monthly traffic reach rate. You will also see a list of related keywords and competitive sites reports. 


How will your site appear on Google? See a preview through BROWSEO. It is obvious that Google will not examine your site like a human being. It will work on coding like it will see if your Meta title, description is verified and what new things you are going to show to your audience. 

If Google finds that your content is copied from somewhere else, it can identify immediately and it certainly lower your ranking. 

You can choose a similar topic which is already available online but try to give something new and useful to your audience. If you can win their satisfaction, they will visit your site again and your site’s impression links will be increased. 

8. Yoast WordPress Plugin

Yoast WordPress Plugin tool is an absolutely free and widely suggested SEO tool for WordPress users. It updates your sitemap automatically. So, you don’t need to install another software for site mapping. 

If your site is running through WordPress, I suggest installing the Yoast WordPress Plugin for a better experience. 

9. Bing Webmaster Tools

This SEO optimization tool is used for keyword research and find related keywords for a content. It basically works with Bing and has similar type of features like Google Keyword Planner. 

If you install this software, you don’t need to have a keyword research tool separately. So, your time and computer space both will be saved. 

You will get keyword related ideas and can optimize your site for Bing search engine. 

10. Dareboost

There are many things which indirectly affect your page’s SEO. SEO optimization tool normally don’t show concern to them because they seems less important. But as a site owner or contributor, you have to be careful about your site loading speed, security and privacy policy. 

Dareboost is a kind of tool that works for these side issues. You have to show the audience that your site is very fast and don’t take much time with them. Because nobody has that much time to spend on waiting for a site to load. Because there are other sites that can fulfill their demand and they can easily switch to them. 

11. Siteliner

Stelliner can give you a full original SEO report with no charge! It scans your site and detects problems like broken links, blocked pages, error occurrences, loading problems and others. It also compares your site to other available sites and you will get a detailed comparison chart on Steliner database. 

12. LSI Graph

LSI keywords have a major role in site ranking. LSI keywords are those words that often come automatically in our mind when we learn about a single topic. For example, if someone is saying eye, our mind thinks about eye glass, sun glass, eye drop, eye disease and others. These are very common in our life. 

Similarly, Google has set programs and it often searches for LSI keywords in a content. There are free LSI keyword generator tools available online. You can enter your main keyword and it will show a list of LSI keywords. 

It is a sub division of on page SEO. Not necessary you will add every LSI keyword to your content. Read and research which LSI keyword goes naturally with your content and include it in the appropriate place. 

LSI Graph is a LSI keyword generator tool and presents a list of LSI keywords in front of you based on your search. 

SEO Analysis

SEO analysis report is very important to rank your site on search engines. Whatever errors you may find related to SEO check and fix it immediately. If you want to increase traffic and visitors in your webpage, follow the SEO analysis report and solve the problems without delay. 

SEO Checker

After getting the analysis report, you have to fix the errors and then revise it through SEO checker tools. Whether you did it in the correct way and there are any further changes needed then the SEO Checker tool will identify it for you. 

Site Speed

Site speed is a common factor that impacts your site ranking. As I previously mentioned, there are other competitive sites available online and visitors don’t wait for your site till loading. They can easily go for another site to get their desired information.

SEO Audit Report

SEO audit reports don’t only show you the error or lacking, rather it also points out which recommended word you need to add compared to other sites and where you need modification to get a good SEO optimization in search result. 

It will provide you with every instruction and they also have video tutorials available to show where and how you can change your SEO settings.

Backlink Checker

Backlinks analysis complete your website analysis in one sense. It goes through your domain score, traffic rate, matrices, and impression rate and gives you an analytical report. 

If you enter a URL for backlink checker, you will see the anchor text and sites which are linked to them. 

Final Words

SEO optimization tools have an important role to rank your site on Google and other search engines. But if you are looking for free tools for SEO optimization, check and try the software mentioned above.

Note that, you can buy a paid account of those SEO optimization software and get more facilities. But free versions are not bad to use. Their performance is quite satisfactory. 

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