Web Hosting Reseller Business Step by Step Guide

Web Hosting Reseller Business Step by Step Guide

Web hosting is a popular business in modern times because every company is hiring their business online and getting customers and earn money. You can promote your company through Facebook, messenger, website, What’s app, Instagram and other social media.  

Reseller hosting is one of the popular business models that helps you to grow your business online. In this article, we are going to explain about the Reseller web hosting model and its features.

I am requesting you to read this article till the end and get an in- detail idea about reseller web hosting and its management. Let’s start with the definition of reseller hosting. 

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a kind of hosting through which you can rent out your server space. You can rent out your disk space, CPU, bandwidth, RAM and earn money. 

Reseller Hosting Business Startup Guide Step by Step

Step 1: Identify Your Audience 

After deciding a particular niche for your business, identify your audience. Choose who you wish to cater to. Then select an appropriate reseller hosting plan targeting your audience. 

Once you create the customer base and decide your business goals, you can think of how to grow your business. Depending on your basic plan, you can choose a Reseller Hosting Package from a parent hosting organization. 

Step 2: Select a Parent Hosting Company

In this step, you have to choose a parent hosting company for your business. This selection plays an important role for your business because the parent hosting company should have these features available which you want to offer to your customers. 

Read in detail about the price, support system, application, order management etc. before you choose your parent hosting company. Go through reviews, do deep research, compare models, checks social media channels and then decide which company will be perfect for your parent host. 

Step 3: Finalize a Budget

Only a big budget can’t bring you success in your business. But you have to invest the capital properly. That’s why finalizing a budget is really important for your business. Reseller hosting business also follow the same rule.

After selecting a company as a parent host, check their reseller plans and buy a plan which goes with your budget. Then go for advanced plans and invest more money once your business is settled. 

Step 4: Set your price

Price is very important for reseller hosting plans. First, research and find out the range of average price in the market and then decide your own. The thing is if you set a very high price to earn more profit, there are several chances you don’t get enough customers who can afford your plans. On the other hand, if you set a very low price, you may get customers but still, you will run at a loss. 

Remember that customers have ideas about pricing and features. So, set the price according to the advantages and features of your plan. So, don’t disappoint your customers.

Tip: Always keep an eye on your competitor companies’ price, range, features and offers and if needed, change your plans and price accordingly. 

Step 5: Promote your business 

Once you are ready, promote your business through social media, blog, video tutorial, advertisement and campaign. So that customers get to know about your business and take your service. 

Why is this service called reselling?

This is called a reselling service because you are not the first seller. You buy a service and then sell it to other customers with a marked price. It allows users with bandwidth, allocate spaces and resources to customers. 

A reseller account is much cheaper than the original one. This service was started 10 years ago and is still popular today among web developers, designers, graphic artists, small business owners and others. 

After settling down your business, you can add affiliate programs because it will help to expand your business. Your clients can push your company service to their known ones if you have an affiliate program installed with your service. 

Web Hosting Reseller Plans

Before you start your business, let’s look at some web hosting reseller plans to get an overall idea about this industry. 

1. GreenGeeks

Green Greeks package starts from $29.95 per month. It provides you three tiers of reseller hosting plans with enough disk space and bandwidth. 

Plan 1: RH-25 will give you 60 GB disk space. 25 cPanel account and 600 GB bandwidth. 

Plan 2: RH- 50 will provide you a huge disk space of 80 GB with 50 cPanel accounts and 800 GB large bandwidth space. 

Plan 3: RH- 80 will give you 160 GB disk space, 80 cPanel account and 1600 GB bandwidth.  

These plans offer you free SSL certificates, cPanel migration opportunity and money back guarantee within 30 days. They also support PHP versions and SSH versions. They also give you FTP access, Git and Drush.

It has data centers in Phoenix, Toronto, Chicago, Montreal and Amsterdam. You can choose from which data center you want to take service from.

 2. InMotion 

Next, InMotion is another reseller hosting plan which offers you VPS hosting too. The starting package will cost you $27.99 per month. This plan has a fully organized control panel. This reseller plan offers you free SSD, individual cPanel account for your clients, free SSL certificate, 80 GB disk space, dedicated IP, 800 GB bandwidth, unlimited domains and websites and more! 

It is a trustworthy reseller package because it provides you money  back guarantee within 90 days. 

3. SiteGround 

SiteGround is a popular reseller hosting plan with excellent page loading speed. It offers you a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It has 6 data center locations. AU, SG, NL, DE, UK and USA. Choose a data center for your site to improve the speed of your speed. 

4. Kinsta

Kinsta is the cheapest plan available now. It will only cost you $15 per month. It offers you free CDN, unlimited migration opportunity and automatic backup facility. 

It will give you service 24/7. It also offers you free SSL certificates. It offers you minimum 5GB disk space. It will also give you catching plugin and enough technology support. 


WPEngine is a well- known reseller service provider. But it is comparatively costly than the other plans. Its general package costs you $35 per month. Again, it has another plan which will cost you $115 per month.  

It offers you more facilities with excellent features. You will also get enough technology support and 24 hours service. They will also offer you advanced service with latest features. 

Though the price is comparatively high, but they will not disappoint you with their service. 

Some General Directions

For starting a reseller web hosting business, you have to establish a company. Then hire employees for different positions. For example, an accountant who can look after the financial sector of your company. A lawyer will look after the legal issues and law and orders of your company. Then make a sales plan and decide a monthly target. Compare with other companies and try to do something better than them. 

After your planning is done, add privacy policy, terms and conditions and level of agreement to your website. For configuration, install WHMCS and set it to your website. But make sure about the features and customer policy of the parent host company. 

Test your service provider’s ratings, response level, reviews from their Facebook page and then progress to buy reseller hosting plans from them. 

Final Words

Reseller web hosting is a profitable business. You can set up a company and earn through online. But first win the trust of your customers with your service and then add additional programs and services after your profit level has increased.

That’s all for today. Do you find this content helpful? Thank you for reading this article. 

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